What is Artizens?

Artizens is an upcoming online multiplayer action game (for PC, Mac and Linux) where players kill giant monsters for their materials and use them to create new gear by customizing how it works and drawing how it looks.

Fight Monsters with Friends

Fight with friends

Go on 4 player online cooperative missions to fight monsters alongside your companions!

These monsters are smart.

This isn't your typical hack and slash online game, every fight is a challenge!

Draw Your Own Equipment

Draw your own equipment

In Artizens you can customize your character by drawing your own appearance! Use your favorite drawing program to create an image that fits the part you want to draw, upload it to the game, and play alongside your friends with your unique appearance.

Every part of your character can be drawn -- from the helmet and shoes you wear, to the sword that you wield. And when you express your creativity in the Artizens world, you get to make it come to life by playing your character and showing it off to your friends!

Alternatively, you can choose a drawing from the community. In later releases of the game, everybody will be able to share their drawings with each other in a global marketplace, and earn from their creations!

Create a Unique Build

Create a unique build

In Artizens you aren't limited to a specific set of classes or skills. All equipment that you create can be used right away as part of your own unique build!

As a player you have 6 active slots and 6 passive slots that you can use to customize your build. In your active slots you will equip weapons and tools that can be activated in battle against monsters. In your passive slots you will equip armors and movement buffs that give you an edge during the fight.

Every piece of equipment that you create can be extended with mods that alter how they work. Add the fiery mod to inflict a fire status on your foes, or a jumbo mod to increase the size of your weapon. All of this is complemented by a pro/con system that keeps the game balanced.

How Can I Play Artizens?

Artizens is being developed by a small team of experienced developers. After having completed a successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2013, we have been hard at work readying the game for its release. We are currently performing invite-only playtests with Kickstarter backers which you can stay up-to-date with on our Blog and Kickstarter pages.

We look forward to seeing your creations and battling alongside you soon!

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