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Check out what your fellow players have been making in game in our Kickstarter update!

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Spangly Tom and Bow and Arrow are released!

Last night we released a new monster, Spangly Tom, and a new weapon to fight him with, Bow and Arrow! This comes alongside a whole new gameplay mechanic, projectiles, so you can keep your distance from those nasty monsters!

If you are a Playtester then you will now have to log in to the game. If you wanted to be a Playtester but didn't receive an account creation email then message us on Kickstarter and we'll get you set up.

See you in Rhiza!

Artizens accounts and playtest progress

If you have chosen to be a Playtester then within the next few days you will receive an email asking you to register an Artizens account (or multiple accounts if you pledged for The Team Leader or above). This is in preparation for releasing the Workshop, where you will be able to create your own custom Artizen and play with him or her in-game!

By the way, the next Playtest update is taking a bit longer than usual because it's a big one. Here's a sneak peek :)

Combat playtests have begun!

Check out our Kickstarter post for more details!

Over the last two weeks we've sent out over 200 invites for you to help us playtest the game! We've had a chance to play with many of you in game and your feedback has been invaluable in helping us fix issues and decide what to work on next.

If you're already in the playtest, another update was released that you can jump in and try out now. We've added some cool new features and improvements to the fight with Trittentrat. If you're not in the playtest yet, fear not! Some time in the next few days we will be inviting several hundred more people to play and we will get to everybody who volunteered within the month.

Artizens Playtesting Survey

If you backed the Kickstarter then you have received an email with a playtesting survey. Filling out this survey will enroll you in the summer playtests where you will play the in-development version of the game! Be sure to check your inbox and fill out the survey if you want to playtest in the upcoming weeks.