Artizens Pre-Alpha Canvas Preview

We have just posted a new update that lets you draw your characters before the game is released! It's more complicated than it will be in-game but great if you want to get a head start.


There are 6 armors: helmet, shirt, chestplate, gloves, pants, and shoes.

And 2 weapon sets: sword-and-shield and bow-and-arrow.

In the game, you'll have a choice of gender, skin color, face and hair style, and hair color when you first create your character. For this preview, you'll just have assets for both genders in one skin color, no hair or faces. Keep this in mind while you make your early Artizen, you won't always have to draw your own face, skin color, and hair if you don't want to.

In this pre-alpha preview, you can draw on the canvases, assemble them together to create artifacts, and then assemble artifacts together to create a custom Artizen.

There's a lot more work involved in this preview than there will be in the actual game, so kudos to you for putting in the extra effort!

Don't forget to watch the video of Howie drawing some pants using this system. Here's the link:

How to use the Photoshop PSD files

  • If you don't have Photoshop, skip this section and read "HOW TO USE THE CANVAS PNG FILES." If you do, open the PSD file in Photoshop. The PSD was made using Photoshop CS5 ver. 12.1.

  • This PSD combines all of the canvases for every available artifact, but in game, you'll make one at a time, not a whole character at once like this.

  • There will be many folders full of layers, each layer corresponds to a canvas for an artifact, and each is a smart object. Double-click on the smart object layer icon and it'll launch a new window with the canvas for that image.

  • Draw on a new layer on top of the default image in the canvas. When you save your work, it will be automatically updated in the main PSD file. Pretty sweet, right?

  • If you want to get even fancier, you can arrange your photoshop windows so that you can always see the main PSD file on the right-hand side and work on a single canvas on the left-hand side. As you save your work, it'll update right on the character. No need for copying it over, moving it around, or any of that.

  • This process will be simulated by our game in the final version, so you won't need photoshop to get these benefits.

  • Some layers have copies of themselves, such as bow string and arrow. However, all the copies share a single smart object. So you only need to draw a single arrow in its canvas, save it, and the rest will update as well. Super!

  • You may also want to read the directions below to get a good sense of how it all works.

How to use the canvas PNG files

  • Let's say you want to draw a shirt!

  • Open the armor folder, then the shirt folder, and open all the images inside with your favorite image editor or Pixlr. If you're using Photoshop, you can open the canvases_for_photoshop.PSD file instead and use the photoshop instructions above.

  • Start drawing right on top of any of the canvases. The images labeled 'canvas' are the ones you draw on. The images labeled 'assembled' are used for reference and assembling your canvases together.

  • Once you're done drawing on a canvas, paste the image into the assembled image, move and rotate it until it matches up with the body. The canvases labeled 'near' are for body parts that appear closer to you, 'far' are for the ones further away.

  • The order of the layers is what makes all the joints overlap correctly, so check out the section below on LAYER ORDERING.

  • Once you've got all the canvases drawn and pasted onto the assembled image to look nice, hide the assembled image layer, save that image, and you've got yourself a brand new shirt, ready to mix and match with other artifacts.

Canvas layer ordering (from top to bottom)

This ordering applies if you paste each canvas separately into the fully_assembled image. If you saved each artifact as a single image combining all the canvases, use the ARTIFACT LAYER ORDERING below.

  1. glove_near
  2. shirt_arm_lower_near
  3. shirt_arm_upper_near
  4. pants_leg_upper_near
  5. pants_leg_lower_near
  6. shoe_near
  7. pants_torso
  8. helmet
  9. chestplate
  10. shirt_torso
  11. pants_leg_upper_far
  12. pants_leg_lower_far
  13. shoe_far
  14. sword
  15. glove_far
  16. shirt_arm_lower_far
  17. shirt_arm_upper_far
  18. bow_grip
  19. bow_top
  20. bow_bottom
  21. bow_string
  22. 2nd copy of bow_string
  23. shield
  24. quiver
  25. 7 copies of arrow

Artifact layer ordering (from top to bottom)

This ordering applies if you save images of your assembled artifacts and want to mix and match them.

  1. Chestplate
  2. Pants
  3. Helmet
  4. Gloves
  5. Shoes
  6. Sword
  7. Shirt
  8. Bow
  9. Shield
  10. Quiver